Week 1: Plant Paradox

Hi! So I made it through week one of Plant Paradox. I lost 6 lbs right off the bat and I think it was mostly water weight. My weight-loss has slowed down into week two but I think it’s because I have been eating too many carbs. I find myself making gluten free recipes but they still have carbs so that holds me back. If I stick to a more Keto- Plant Paradox style, I lose weight quickly!

My acne has cleared up and my bloating has gone down tremendously! I find myself having more energy in the mornings and not dragging myself out of bed.

Since my diet is changing, my body is having ups and downs. My womanly clock is a little messed up and came a week early (if you know what that means). So, that could explain why my weight-loss has slowed as well. I am not experiencing cramps this time though! I don’t feel as bloated or groggy either. I am a little bit moody because I want to eat mac and cheese and chocolate so I am obviously still going through withdrawals.

Anyway, if you guys have noticed on my Instagram, I have been experimenting more in my cooking and it has been a blast! I’m really starting to enjoy cooking and I am glad to share my recipes and experience with you guys.

As I have said since the beginning, my goal is to lose 75 lbs. I have always struggled with my weight and I see my confidence coming back with this diet (lifestyle). I find myself wearing less makeup and putting my hair up. Before, I used to lather makeup on my face and never wore my hair up because my face was so bloated and exposed it. I notice that my digestion is much better. I am not all gurgly throughout the day and uncomfortable.

Overall, week one was a success and I am so excited for the weeks and lifetime ahead of me!

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  1. Frances says:

    I am going to follow you on Instagram I’ve been overweight most of my life also hopefully I can lose some weight and follow your ideas it’s been very hard for me I have a hypothyroid


    1. Plant Paradox Girl says:

      Thanks for the follow! I hope this lifestyle helps you. I have to cut back on my carb intake (cassava flour, almond flour and sweet potato) because my body likes to hold onto weight. We got this though!!


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